We Loved Aloud

by Eddie Bush

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We Loved Aloud is the 18th studio release from national recording artist Eddie Bush, and could very well be his finest work yet!

Featuring the scorching guitar laden instrumental "Wherefore Art Thou", the delicate "Like Houdini Did", the very funky and honest "Official", the joyous, celebratory title track, the ode to Charleston's Hotel Bennett, where the aforementioned serves as metaphoric fodder for embracing the moment, the uniquely rhythmic "Same Language" ...it goes on and on.

18 songs in all, produced by one of Nashville's finest, Dave Matthews, who claims that this is Eddie's "Sgt. Pepper", referencing the Beatles classic, of course.

It's a record filled with all that is expected in an Eddie Bush work -- poetic lyricism, excellent musicianship, death defying guitar lines, big and meaningful choruses. But there's even a bit more here.

We Loved Aloud is an organic framework, built by Dave and Eddie, that manages to continue finding new musical landscapes, and invites us all to "Love Aloud".


released November 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Eddie Bush Charleston, South Carolina

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Track Name: Hotel Bennett
Autumn leaves are wisping in
Old and cold, forgotten friends
Riding on a changing wind
Age befalls all we find
The day outside , a sun that shines
A winter comes, things begin again
On the corner there sits hotel Bennett
A little taste of living waits within it
Broken hearts trying to mend
Souls seeking just one friend
A life of losing needs a little winning
Waiting through the doors of hotel Bennett
Luck has never known this door
But what is rich is also poor
Life is sometimes better when you're broke
Sadness is a chosen vibe
A smile can be worn any time
Nothing wrong with holding on to hope
Get to doing what you want to do
Get to doing before this time is through
Go on and get to doing
Track Name: White Noise
I feel u out there
Playing your games
Crying louder for losing
A spoiled child to blame
Throwing my name around
Like a wind up toy
The well known sounds
Of a bratty voice

Face to face
They act so gentle
Behind the scenes
Certifiably mental
It's all white noise
Hear it scream its sickening joy

Self proclaimed expert is just a wanna be
On a mission to meet his needs
He's that boat ride you got for free
Today's news , is you lost at sea
Track Name: We Loved Aloud
Where do the days go
When the evening fades
To a pile of bright or broken mornings
And the nights you wish had stayed
A bucket full of memories
Trying hard to save
Eventually they overflow
On the path you laid

Look back on all the sights
Swim in all the sounds
Rejoice in all the times we loved aloud

The silver in heartbreak
Turns to gold in the sun
With the wind behind your back
And the life within your lungs
the ruins of reality
Reminding you were here
You kissed the jewels and broke the rules
And conquered final fears

Leave your Polaroids in view
Tell the lies you know are true
Ashes kissing ashes
When the soul decides it's work is through
Track Name: Like Houdini Did
Can I take a stomach punch
Like Houdini did
Do I have the kind of strength
The steel, stone, and brick
The irony is even though
He was so incredible
He was brought down by a kid
Truth is I can't take a blow of any kind
Like Houdini did

Am I able to escape
Like Houdini did
Shackles, chains , and straight jackets
Bend, turn and twist
Freed himself every time
Hanging high, locked in tight
In the face of the reapers kiss
Fact is that I'll be caught, unable to get away
Like Houdini did

Why can't I be a magic man
Vanish and then reappear
Fast and smooth, sleight of hand
Risk it all and have no fear
when dangers near
Ever since I was a kid
I wanted to do wonderous things
like Houdini did

I will love my mrs.
Like Houdini did
And when called to the afterlife
I'll reach out with love to send
Amaze the world, for my girl
One more dance, one more pearl
Make good on a final promise
For once I'll come through,
Surprise you all, like Houdini did
Track Name: My Fading Star
Got to hold on tight to the hand that soothes this aching heart
Even though, sometimes the grip is so tight it leaves a mark
There were the screaming matches , locking latches
More than one fresh start
Got to hold on tight to the love that lights my fading star

Hard to change a challenged frown when struggle fills the room
Anger finds an open door and rushes in too soon
There are silent stretches, placing wedges , a space that feels so far
Got to always lift the powered love that lights my fading star

In this universe so vast and open
Loneliness leaves no hope just blind devotion
Not wanting to float free, You're my gravity

A strong rope and loads of commitment
Prevent a fall from grace
Still it takes a wanting and needing to ever survive this place
As the years have passed, bombs have blasted
holes in Venus and Mars
Still her light did shine all the time for my fading star
Track Name: This Performance
So easy to smile
Look at me and tell me what I want to hear
How easily you cry
A river within every single borrowed tear
I know but then ignore
Every exit door

I bought a ticket to this performance
Waited for the choir to sing
Bought a ticket to this performance
When does it end

Another tired play
Watching through experienced critic eyes
Line after line you say
Manipulate the same worn out storyline
Sat in this seat before
Rubs me at the core

I bought a ticket to this performance
Waited for the choir to sing
Bought a ticket to this performance
When does it end

It's as though you lost my name
An audience for your blame
Sent some flowers backstage
When I was all the rage
Track Name: Another Roll Of The Dice
Everybody here
Has been broken
Some repair the cracks
Others cry
Once upon a time
A child was hoping
Life would be a dream
and he would fly

Another roll of the dice
Lose to win
Face the floor
Then roll again
Another roll of the dice
Saints will sin
Hell to heaven
Til we rolled again

Trust in everyone
Was a blessing
Lies are always white
Until they're found
Love is ever easy
In the nighttime
Sunlight shows the face
That laid u down

Another roll of the dice
Lose to win
Face the floor
Then roll again
Another roll of the dice
Saints will sin
Hell to heaven
Til we rolled again

On bended knee we pray
For understanding
Good days still await
Your grand design
Track Name: Which Way Will The Wind Blow
We left what we started once before
We're standing once again at that open door
What makes it different this time
Who's keeping score

Mending these hearts
We've walked the line
Keeping our faith
Picking up pieces a bit at a time
This love is our home
It's stronger than stone
Still which way will the wind blow

I chased your trust away, it disappeared
It's been a long hard road to get back here
I can't blame you for running
But here we are

Let it flow
Take a chance
This time we can make it last
Here we go
Hold my hand
Track Name: You'll See Me Well
A stepchild of purgatory
Painting his personal hell
An angel that was disappointing
Flew, then flipped and fell
You, you'll see me well

You, you'll see me well
I'm the face in your memory
that sometimes rang your bell
An unexpected witness with quite the story to tell
You, you'll see me well

The goal was to be unforgettable
Loved, hated, it's all the same
A life unknown would be regrettable
There'd be no glowing embers from this extinguished flame

You, you'll see me well
On the billboards of a small town street
Blue eyes with something to sell
A song that comes on the radio
and sings you from your shell
You. You'll see me well
Track Name: Cut In Half
Was there ever a need to question
Life is best when you hold my hand
Could it be a lack of direction
In this circle where I stand
Might be said that I was lost before
Becoming a stronger man
At The moment you're not by my side
I am cut in half

I'm not always here to share the day
It's a challenge that I have
But there's love left in that empty space
The imperfect that I am
Though it's hard to know the heart that glows
for you through good and bad
It's a fact if you weren't in my life
I'd be cut in half

A dreamy prince I'll never be
Balanced, always mistake free
I know with great certainty
That you're the best of me

It's a difficult position
Traveling an unknown path
Slowing down these precious moments
That fly by so very fast
Just so you know behind closed doors
Your smile begins each plan
There's no doubt that if left without
I'd be cut in half

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